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"I was very impressed with the design, and it sounded pretty kickin', too. ... it was maybe the best bargain at the show. He only makes two or three a year, and will build them to your specifications."

Slatsmania, Ultimate Guitar

Everything You Need to Shape Your Tone


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Hear Andy Rutherford of "Ruthie and the Wranglers" playing his new Goodtone "Twang-o-Verb"


Goodtone introduces it's first pedal! 


                Nothing revolutionary here just the best of what traditional tube amplifier design has to offer
The highest quality signal capacitors (polypropolene) and resistors (Carbon) and the best sounding modern tubes
                                             Mercury Magnetics transformers and finger jointed pine cabinets
                                                 Special thanks to Mike Feustle for his technical and creative inputs

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 Youtube May 10th 2008